Miss. Mustard Seed Milk Paint Classes 

"Twenty-five gorgeous colors, 5 simple ingredients, endless possibilities."

Donna loves to paint, create and give new life to environments by
using old, new and decor you already have in your home. What
she loves most though, is inspiring others and teaching how to do the same!


Donna has years of design and DIY experience within the
building industry, transforming 10 of her personal family homes and  now as a business owner and paint instructor. She has

taught many workshops in her (new to her) hometown of historical Santa Paula. Teaching what she's learned over the years has become her passion and her daily life purpose.

  • Over 25 years in interior design/decorating experience

  • Donna has been Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint certified for over 3 years

  • Donna would love to collaborate with you on your next project!

Painting and living in a world of color has been a

lifelong passion. For the past seven years, my love

for design has manifested itself in wearing

paint-splattered clothes, greeting every customer

who walks into my shop and dreaming of what

color to paint my next project!


I’d love to show you all the latest techniques
and ways to “make all things new''. 
So, have a

look at our calendar for what's next, put on an

apron and let's paint!


Wooden Christmas Tree 

This wooden Christmas tree will be a fun project to enjoy for years to come!  We will use our milk paint in various colors, create a wash application, finish with a unique stain & wet sand with our hemp oil. 


Christmas tree measures (27" h x 26" w)

Class time: approximately 2 hours, refreshments and all supplies will be provided.  Please secure your spot on the website.  

Cost: 48

date:  november 7th 6:15-8:00pm

Corrugated Metal Christmas Tree

A modern farmhouse take on christmas decor.


We'll use acrylic paint to embellish with fun designs, paint our base with milk paint, creating a stained finish along with adding a cute burlap bow! 


Class time:  approximately 2 hours, refreshments and all supplies will be provided.  Please sign up and secure a spot on our website 

Cost: 52

date: Friday November 8th

6:00-8 pm

North Pole Garden Sign

Which way to the North Pole? You'll create a festive sign that you can add to your entryway, garden or in a potted plant! Using both our milk and chalk paints, along with 8 different stencil options the sky's the limit on making this garden sign uniquely yours.

sign measures 37'h x 24'w

enjoy refreshments & all supplies 

class duration: 2 hours

Cost: 52

Date:november 16th 10:00-12:00pm

Merry Mail Card display


This Merry Mail wall mount is the perfect addition to your Christmas decor! hang all of your holiday cards & invites in style.


In this class, we will learn the basics of using our chalk-style paint, applying a "wash" technique, distress the surface to create a weathered picket fence.   We will also apply two different types of stencils, seal with hemp oil and add twine to hold future greeting cards! 

Class time: approximately 2 hours, refreshments and all supplies will be provided. Please sign up on our website to secure a space!   


Cost: 54

date: November 23rd 10:00-12:00pm

One of my greatest joys is being able to teach and pass this gift along to others! Below are just a few of the workshops we've done over the years 

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